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My professional life has always been intertwined with my personal life, in a pursuit of balance between opposites...maybe because I'm a Libra?
I was born in Monza in 1964 to parents native of Emilia Romagna. My father was an entrepreneur and my mother was an accountant: perhaps my fate was already doomed back then, infected by my father's never-ending optimism in new ideas and balanced by my mother's pragmatism.


I think that at the birth, each one of us comes with a talent, our mission is to recognize it and pass it along to those surrounding us: my own talent is in artistic and creative capacity, if I create wonder and excitement in the other I've reached the goal of my work...
I graduated in artistic high school (1982) and in Industrial Design at the European Institute of Design in Milan (1987) to complete a creative and designing knowledge linked with the expression and the pursuit of new features, paying attention to technical skills, competences and functional requirements.


As IED explains, Milan is the home of Made in Italy, of design in its broadest sense of creative culture, ranging from the decorative arts and industrial products to jewellery and food design.
And in this huge 'metropolitan' fragment I gained experience collaborating with accomplished designers (concept and prototyping), architectural firms (stands and shops design ) and a lighting design company (technical office).


Thus, in 1989 my private life took me to Milano Marittima: milanese character with an industrial design job, I married a roman and went to live by the sea, running a sporting goods store!
My two sons were born, and after a few years of break, I got back to my design work, wishing for an independent business that started in 2004 together with my father, as we opened two furniture stores and a workshop to paint and decorate, using different materials and, in particular, seashells to create exclusive objects and custom-made accessories, availing myself of the collaboration of other artists and artisans in order to offer a concrete and classy Made in Italy, inventiveness and quality.


Painting has been my main focus since 2013, with a Temporary Art Gallery in Milano Marittima and as Artistic Director for three editions of “Onde d’Arte”.
In 2015 I attended a specialization course in artistic events production as curator of exhibitions at IED Milan. In the following years, exhibitions and live painting sessions have been at the center of my activity.
Since 2018 I have been working as a primary school Arts Education Specialist at Collegio San Carlo, Milan.

Certified Apple Teacher.
Training for artistic workshops management (atelierista) and realization of Artist’s Books.


I'm a 'citizen of the world', my home is where my loved ones are and will be, and my heart is full of colors to share with people.



- People say, "Why do you paint? and I say, to make magic." -
Peter Blake

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